Dana Roeser

Dana Roeser’s fourth book, All Transparent Things Need Thundershirts, won the Wilder Prize at Two Sylvias Press and was published in September 2019. She is also the author of The Theme of Tonight’s Party Has Been Changed, recipient of the Juniper Prize, as well as Beautiful Motion and In the Truth Room, both winners of …

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Poems from Banned Countries

On January 27th of 2017, President Trump issued one of his first major immigration directives as the new President of the United States. The executive order imposed a travel ban on 7 countries: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, and Yemen. The devastating results were that immigrants, many who were refugees of war-torn countries, were not permitted into the US after a long and arduous vetting process. Even green-card carrying US residents of these countries were originally included in this ban, simply by having being born in one of the places. It is no coincidence that all of these countries are predominately Muslim. The travel ban became known, effectively, as “The Muslim Ban.” Since its original inception, there have been amendments to the list, and judicial action against the unconstitutional infractions, but the original hate-filled sentiment permeates much of the discourse still.