Yulia Fintiktikova

Country: Ukraine
Language(s): Ukrainian

from My Neighbors (bitter truth in two acts)
How We Will Live: A Manifesto  

The Resort: with a view of the sea, flying machines, birds, priestesses, and the changing room. Everything in plain view.

Flying machines of different kinds – to whoosh through cosmic space.

Gilded vessel filled with brandy. To be brought in and taken out at the first call of Fate.

Regimen: non-classified.

Vineyards that reach the sky. Pilot gardeners, knowledgeable wine-makers, conscientious sommeliers.

Pension delivered straight to bed, where I’m not alone (there’s also a cat).

Evenings: milonga. Mornings: classical music. Evenings: milonga.

Women: singing (from happiness).

Men: singing along (also from happiness).

Progeny: loving, made in compliance with the sanitary norms, easy to raise. Good vocal tone.

Food: melts in mouth, slippery. Main course of cow and relishes.

Sleep: 21.00 “Disco Dancer”
23.15 “Cleopatra” (with Elizabeth Taylor)
3.15 “Josefine Mutzenbacher: The Viennese Whore”
4.40 cartoons
7.00 prophylaxis
8.00 “The Komsomol Romantic”
9.45 music videos (foreign)
10.15 “Disco Dancer” (rerun)


The Planetary Crisis

Kitty rubbed against a log
(Half a pound of kitty flesh).

Evening came where it could
for example, Waterloo.

Doughy sides turn golden brown.
Grinding stones begin to turn.

Haze and mist had gathered up.
Belts had tightened one more notch.

Doggie rubbed against the log.
(Three whole pounds of doggie flesh).

Silly goose – against the log
rubbed his belly, then his wing.

Elephant arrived – the log
punctually got dissolved.

By the time the beavers came
but a donut hole remained!

That is how the cosmic storms
influence the forms of life. 


The Moutherland Oration

Cleave fast unto my memory —
there’s a cell prepared for you.
Cleave fast, right now, and then again!
Cleave fast unto my memory!

Donate your humble body to science —
for no one needs the real you.
No why, no so, no therefore.
Donate your flesh and blood to science!

Say thank you to your Motherland —
her labors cannot be denied.
Fall, youthful hero, to your knees!
Kiss and caress the dear rag!
Say thank you to your Motherland.


During the day I give myself to sunshine!
To Moon – I giff myself at night.
A child of nature, I’m a gentle brute
Will I deny it all – the sex, the food –
when I receive the ABC?