Lò Ngân Sún

Beautiful Woman

Beautiful woman face like snow
That feels hot when you touch it
Beautiful woman face like fire
That feels cool when you touch it
Who is not thirsty – seeing you, is thirsty
Who is not hungry – seeing you, is hungry
Who wants to die – seeing you, changes his mind
Beautiful woman always out of reach
Who floats always before the eyes.

Translated by Dào Kim Hoe and Joseph Duemer

Standing Before You

Standing before you
I am the mouse before the rice jar
I am the bear before the tree, a hive full of honey high in the branches
I am the tiger ready to pounce on his food

But I am not a mouse
Not a bear
Also not a tiger
Standing before you
I am a pine tree bending before the wind, oh my dear!

Translated by Dào Kim Hoa and Joseph Duemer