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Juan Carlos Galeano

          JUAN CARLOS GALEANO was born in the Amazon region of Colombia. He is the author of Baraja Inicial (poetry, 1986), Pollen and Rifles (1997) a book on the poetry of violence, and Amazonia (poetry, 2003), Sobre las cosas (poetry, 2010), and Amazonia y otros poemas (poetry, 2011), and Historias del viento (poetry, 2013). He teaches Latin American poetry and cultures of …

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“She would guide my little fingers but I, / I think now, could never get the hang of it. “| by John Briscoe, finalist 2021 PI Prize


by Fayad Jamís: Fruits ripen in the rain / Horses neigh in the barnyard

A Man And A Woman

by Roberto Fernández Retamar: If a man and a woman happen down the streets that no one else notices,


by Pablo Neruda: I’m going to wrinkle this word, / I’m going to twist it,

The Pilgrim 

“As I say these words I see a bicycle leaning against a wall, / I see a bridge / And the official car disappearing between buildings” | by Nicanor Parra

Godzilla in Mexico

by Roberto Bolaño: Hear me, my son: bombs were falling / over Mexico City

Wind, Water, Rock

by Octavio Paz: The water drills the rock, / the wind disperses the water, / the rock detains the wind.

The Girl In The Forest

by Eliseo Diego: My soul’s Red Riding Hood, the wolf / lurks in the shadows where no one expects him