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How God Is Like a Truffle

by Dana Roeser: Like a goat / in a stall / with a thoroughbred / a truffle sealed/ in a plastic / bag

Ars Domestica

By Dana Roeser: The key to this life is / surprise. Don’t say / my whole life is spent / trying to reunite / socks.

Dana Roeser

Dana Roeser’s fourth book, All Transparent Things Need Thundershirts, won the Wilder Prize at Two Sylvias Press and was published in September 2019. She is also the author of The Theme of Tonight’s Party Has Been Changed, recipient of the Juniper Prize, as well as Beautiful Motion and In the Truth Room, both winners of …

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Ghérasim Luca

Poetry International 151/6
“Other Secrets of the Empty and the Full”

Venus Khoury-Ghata

Poetry International 22/23
“[Once she had a book]”

Poetry International 6
“[He told stories the way you peel a fruit]”

Hédi Kaddour

Hédi Kaddour is a Tunisia-born French poet. His work, translated by Marilyn Hacket, was featured in Volume V of Poetry International.