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Stanley Moss

Poetry International 1
“The Miscarriage”

Kim Addonizio

Poetry International
“Getting Older”

Poetry International 3

Poetry International Weblog

Three Poems

by Gary Young: In New Jersey, a couple pulled a man from his car, shot him, and locked him in a box to die.

Letter of Recommendation

by Elaine Equi: Please say something really good, / no, great about yourself. I would / but I am watching a porno movie / and have no time to write.

Charles Simic

Poetry International One
“Prison Guards Silhouetted Against the Sky”
“On the Meadow”
“Zaza at Midnight”

Poetry International Weblog
“Prison Guards Silhouetted Against the Sky”


by Mary Crow: I. Automatic pilot: / I come to and wonder how I got / to Elizabeth Street, half way home.