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Idbury Morris

“Each footstep in the claggy soil pulls the / booted foot half out of his hip socket.” | by Neil Philip


“In my all-boys school they’re all dumber than me./ I sit in the back and read André Gide” | by Armen Davoudian, co-winner 2021 PI Prize

Woolf’s Hair

“…she’s gone—/ like the hairpin Virginia Woolf stuck into her unruly bun” | by Eva Heisler, co-winner 2021 PI Prize

Frances Cannon

            FRANCES CANNON is the Managing Director of Sundog Poetry, as well as a writer, artist, and instructor, currently teaching creative writing and literature courses at the Vermont College of Fine Arts, and art and English courses at the Vermont Commons School. She has previously taught at Champlain College, as …

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“She would guide my little fingers but I, / I think now, could never get the hang of it. “| by John Briscoe, finalist 2021 PI Prize

John Briscoe

            JOHN BRISCOE is a poet, author and lawyer who has practiced international law in San Francisco for 50 years. Of Yaqui descent, he is a Distinguished Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. His work has been praised by Robert Hass, Dana Gioia, and by reviews such as Foreword, …

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I loved how the green stone shone in the light like water./ I’ll tread to the jail and offer myself | by AKaiser, finalist 2021 PI Prize

Arthur Kayzakian 

                ARTHUR KAYZAKIAN is a poet, editor and teacher who lives in California. He was born in Tehran, Iran. His family sought political asylum in London when he was three years old to escape the Iranian Revolution. He earned his MFA from San Diego State University. His poems …

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