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Arthur Kayzakian 

                ARTHUR KAYZAKIAN is a poet, editor and teacher who lives in California. He was born in Tehran, Iran. His family sought political asylum in London when he was three years old to escape the Iranian Revolution. He earned his MFA from San Diego State University. His poems …

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Alonso Llerena

ALONSO LLERENA  is a Peruvian poet, visual artist, educator, and MFA candidate at the Bard: Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts. His current work, which merges interpretations of historical events and personal history, documents and honors the victims of the Internal Armed Conflict that fractured Peru from 1980 through the year 2000. He is …

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Prophecy of the Heartbeat

“or the hours will drift sideways you’ll be / old in // Texas imbroglios of fire /
tracing the objects in your kitchen” | by Chad Sweeney

The Futures

“or three days from now you’ll get up // and cough and spit and push / the lever that sets birds loose from sleep” | by Chad Sweeney

Alexander Long

ALEXANDER LONG is the author of Still Life, winner of the White Pine Press Poetry Prize, selected by Aliki Barnstone (poems, 2011), Light Here, Light There (prose poems, C & R Press, 2009), and Vigil (poems, New Issues Press, 2006). With Christopher Buckley, Long is co-editor of A Condition of the Spirit: the Life & …

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Hamid Tibouchi

Painter and poet HAMID TIBOUCHI, born in 1951 in Tibane (Algeria), has lived and worked in France since 1981. As a visual artist, he has exhibited at around sixty solo shows, and nearly three hundred group exhibitions, in France and around the world. His abundant production takes multiple forms—paintings, drawings, etchings, photos, artist books, object …

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Veins (extracts) // Nervures (extraits)

“a little like how a sentry in the night / paces to keep himself awake” | Selections from poet-artist Hamid Tibouchi’s Nervures in English and French.