Hu Xudong

XU HUDONG (胡续冬, Continuing Winter), pen name of HU Xudong (胡旭东, Sunrising East) (30 October 1974 – 22 August 2021), was a Chinese poet, critic, essayist and translator. He received an M.A. in Comparative Literature and Ph.D. in Chinese Contemporary Literature from Peking University, where he worked at the same university both as an associate …

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Mama Ana Paula Also Writes Poetry

“I looked at her / back, strong like hairy bear that kills / a bull even when she’s drunk, and I understood:” | by Hu Xudong

The Fallacy of Snow

by Pan Xichen: For a long time people have ignored / the many fallacies of snow.

Night and Morning of Spring

“Green frog legs, green sockets of the moon / and a green bullet shell / all bloom / on my back” | by Hai Zi

Song of Love

by Qiu Qixian: Love will not end. / It only starts, and starts again

Openly Worrying Song

by Li Ho: When the autumn wind blows, all the grasses die. / An evening chill arises from the sapphire shadow of Mt. Hua.


Snow, I was surprised. The first snow choked in my throat, I wanted to cough, to run from snow. I didn’t see the street, the poplars, the park-benches the conductor’s whistle. Snow. Faces of idiots abused the air and turned to snow. I didn’t have a chance to read the “Massacre” or “The Dead” by …

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Pan Xichen

Poetry International 20/21
“The Fallacy of Snow”

Poetry International 20/21
“The Hypocrisy of Snow”

Hai Zi

Poetry International 20/21
“Night and Morning of Spring”

Li Ho

Poetry International 18/19
“Openly Worrying Song”

Qiu Qixian

Poetry International 18/19
“Song of Love”

Hsia Yü

Poetry International 4
“Written for Others”

Poetry International Weblog
“Written for Others”

Liao Yiwu

Poetry International 20/21
“Discussing Death with Death Row Inmates”