Country: Vietnam

The Soldier

On the way from one battlefield to another the soldier passes a city. The crowded and noisy city turns out before him very quietly the trees stand in silent lines along the streets the tram seems to flow through the narrow street without making a sound it runs so fast many people walk quietly beneath …

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Woman Writers

by Lý Lan Each of us has her own bedroom and study but Susan and I share a bathroom. Once she opened the door and found me standing naked before the mirror. I saw her many times putting on makeup and please do not reveal this dying her hair and massaging the wrinkles in her …

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Eleven Parts of Feelings

(Translated by Martha Collins) I My heart beats in the first spring, On the vanished paths of my childhood. A human call is running Along the edges of sleeping grass; I am hurting with my first hurt. I hide a sexless love behind The flap of a schoolboy’s shirt. On a day when my mother’s …

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The Man Who Came Back

by Hoàng Hùng: He came back from that far country / to find his wife in tears all night and his children bewildered all day

Hoàng Hùng

Poetry International V
“Smell of Rain or Poem of M.”
“The Man Who Came Back”