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The Cycle of “Bomb”

“the war will be over in six days at most. /No reason the world should take longer /to destroy than to create” | by Neil Philip, Kijima Hajime, and Margaret Mitsutani

Idbury Morris

“Each footstep in the claggy soil pulls the / booted foot half out of his hip socket.” | by Neil Philip

Arthur Kayzakian 

                ARTHUR KAYZAKIAN is a poet, editor and teacher who lives in California. He was born in Tehran, Iran. His family sought political asylum in London when he was three years old to escape the Iranian Revolution. He earned his MFA from San Diego State University. His poems …

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by John Burnside: Imagine I loved you still and nights like these / were visitations,


by Douglas Dunn: A laverock in its house of air is singing / May morning, May morning, and its trills drift

The River

by John Glenday: This is the formula for the fall of things: / we come to a river we always knew we’d have to cross.

the year’s tree

by Aonghas MacNeacail: after her labors  / see the year’s high tree / cast off her clothing 

The Bridge over the Border

Here, I should surely think of home – my country and the neat steep town where I grew up: its banks of cloud, the winds and changing, stagey light, its bouts of surly, freezing rain, or failing that, the time the train stuck here half an hour. It was hot, for once. The engine seemed …

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