Decked Out at Night

“They stand apart in this world, / each one with his night, / each one with his death, / morose, bareheaded, hoarfrost-covered” | by Paul Celan

The Silver of Our Moment

Ignorant, the snail crosses both good and evil, the sensations of each, as it caresses earth, sometimes warm and tempting, sometimes cold, devoid of answers. Its journeys embroider silver lace on truths, half truths and lies– a work of art by such a slow, insignificant creature, easily crushed by the wickedness of the powerful, by …

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by Marin Sorescu: Shakespeare created the world in seven days.

Honeymoon Suite

by Camelia Leonte: The fiddlers, the wedding guests / have put on black clothes and are looking for you.

Greek Blood

by Radu Andriescu: Badge believed he had Greek blood in his veins and in consequence

Murmur + Silence

Murmur Enough, enough, pale murmur. The fire has caught. The ants come after us, cruel army for whom death is only a problem of space. Translated from the Romanian by Mihaela Moscaliuc   Silence When silence courses through you, it can’t help but resemble death. Miniature jade figurines contemplate the stillness. Always, half of me …

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Nights in Panciu     

by Radu Andriescu: On a collective farm in Panciu I climbed with a turkey hen / to the roof of the canteen


by Camelia Leonte: He bears his vertebrae on his back. / I wonder what spiritual rage drives him,

Camelia Leonte

Poetry International 20/21
“Honeymoon Suite”

Poetry International 20/21

Liliana Ursu

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“The Silver of Our Moment”

Radu Andriescu

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“Greek Blood”
“Nights in Panciu”

Paul Celan

Poetry International Weblog

Ghérasim Luca

Poetry International 151/6
“Other Secrets of the Empty and the Full”