“Those were days when I walked around a little hungry” | by Adam Zagajewski

Building the Barricade

“The boy from the reform school fell / dragging a sandbag, /so we were really afraid.” | by Anna Swir


by Julian Kornhauser: are smarter than us / know everything


This is verse one. This verse has no meaning. And this is verse two, in which you’re no longer yourself, i.e., you’re not the man from verse one, and now you’re not even the one you were in verse two and three, and four, or still in verse five. This poem is life, I do …

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Said the Major

by Anna Swir: “This order must be delivered within an hour,” / said the major.

Anna Swir

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“Building the Barricade”
“Said the Major”

Israel Emiot

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“Prayer of a Man in Snow”
“A Prayer in Nineteen Forty-Three”

Julian Kornhauser

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