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“I looked at her / back, strong like hairy bear that kills / a bull even when she’s drunk, and I understood:” | by Hu Xudong

The Fallacy of Snow

by Pan Xichen: For a long time people have ignored / the many fallacies of snow.

Night and Morning of Spring

“Green frog legs, green sockets of the moon / and a green bullet shell / all bloom / on my back” | by Hai Zi

Song of Love

by Qiu Qixian: Love will not end. / It only starts, and starts again

Openly Worrying Song

by Li Ho: When the autumn wind blows, all the grasses die. / An evening chill arises from the sapphire shadow of Mt. Hua.


Snow, I was surprised. The first snow choked in my throat, I wanted to cough, to run from snow. I didn’t see the street, the poplars, the park-benches the conductor’s whistle. Snow. Faces of idiots abused the air and turned to snow. I didn’t have a chance to read the “Massacre” or “The Dead” by …

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Pan Xichen

Poetry International 20/21
“The Fallacy of Snow”

Poetry International 20/21
“The Hypocrisy of Snow”

Hai Zi

Poetry International 20/21
“Night and Morning of Spring”

Li Ho

Poetry International 18/19
“Openly Worrying Song”

Qiu Qixian

Poetry International 18/19
“Song of Love”

Liao Yiwu

Poetry International 20/21
“Discussing Death with Death Row Inmates”