Bruce Weigl

Country: United States
Language(s): English

Elegy for Myself

When they said
You with the stars in your eyes,
I didn’t know they were talking to me.
I thought it was just
voices I was hearing
in the slag heaps and
down the ethnic alleys
of stolen plumbs and black cherries
of late summer.
I thought it was something
wrong in my head
when someone died back then,
waiting for the flowers to blossom.

Immorality of Beauty

The river where Faith drowned.
The marks her desperate fingers
gouged into the muddy bank.
Her pale hair
swept back in the cold current.
The heavy vines she tangled in
she hadn’t known were there.

One sutra teaches
that beauty should never be possessed,
only encountered
so briefly
you are left with a kind of sorrow
and then let go
into nothing.