Pluto Retires(And During The Exit Interview Sits Near a Wide Window While Watching a Violence of Florida Rainbow Wreckage Unleash Its Storm Over an Empty Magic Kingdom)

by Michael Martin

– At first you might feel a little lost.
Should I get a dog? I think I’ll need a dog.
– Un-Pluto yourself child.
What about the mallards?
– They’re drifting behind someone else’s whiff of bruise.
And the mouse?
– Down in the break-room taking off his head.
Something seems to be calling me home.
– It’s your god-given face.
And sex?
– Forever spinning in a tea-cup and hurling ’round the scary mountain.
I think I’m going to miss those carousel horses…
– only if you keep pretending you’re the only one that knows their real names.
And the Ethiopian nuns ice-cream licking?
– Even the gardener couldn’t rake out this poetry.
It’s raining. Look at that rain.
– Time to hand in your costume child.
So much has happened here.
– Go home and build a castle for it.
Man’s rage seems to tumble from stammer to words to a mask
   of shame.
– Forever and ever.
No fairy dust for it?
– Never.
And what about that monk who set himself on fire?
– In celebration of it all.


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