My Story

by Ý Nhi

For Tuan and Nga


Many times
usually in the morning
I called on you

Many times
on such mornings
I intended to knock at your door
I intended to call your name.

Many times
on such mornings
I watched sunflower leaves by the hedge
greenness playing with sunlight
Oh! how long will the greenness last
and how long will love last.

Many times
I imagined your eyes
going over walls
desks and chairs

dark corners
but then I have stopped
at the threshold.

Many times
I thought I heard
the sound of your hand touching the old guitar
the echo of a call.

And then one time
I watch the rain coming in drops to the yard
if the seeds germinate
there will be transparent leaves
if buds turn into plants
there will be transparent stems and branches
if plants flower
there will be transparent soft petals
if flowers fruit
there will be seeds of pure tears.

And then one day
I say to you
please throw open the door
please draw on these walls
many open windows
even on days when I do not come.

Translated by Bùi Kim Tuyen and Joseph Duemer

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