by Anna Leahy

astronomical cinder: For a meteor, there’s distance between heat and light, and each travels as  
fast as it can. 
----------Energy is transformed or transferred. 
-----------------------------------------------------------------   No one is a machine of perpetual motion. 
----------There’s more to it—to us—and more required to move. 
migration: -------------------------------------------------  The United  States  thinks  of  itself as -a -place  
------------------------------------------------------------------of movement. It is a country of -more ------------------------------------------------------------------immigrants and descendants of immigrants ----------------------------------------------------------------- than any other. It has a history of exclusion ----------------------------------------------------------------- acts and executive orders. The word ----------------------------------------------------------------- “executive” means business; its verb ----------------------------------------------------------------- companion is a death sentence. ----------[ migrate : move :: immigrate : arrive ] ----------[ displacement : move (someone) out to make room for (someone else) ] ----------------------------------------------------------------- In this country, more than 1 in 10 people ----------------------------------------------------------------- never leave the state in which they were born. ----------------------------------------------------------------- One in 10 of us are interested in going ----------------------------------------------------------------- nowhere. These are not necessarily the same ----------------------------------------------------------------- people. This country has taken somewhere ----------------------------------------------------------------- from certain someones. It’s a who’s who. ----------Most people today want to travel more than ----------they do, but it is costly. I’m talking about ----------escape and allure. I’m talking about ----------transition. I’m talking about money; it is ----------currency. “Currency” comes from a word ----------meaning “to run.” ----------------------------------------------------------------- These statements are both geographical and ----------------------------------------------------------------- metaphorical. A geography is a description of ----------------------------------------------------------------- the world. A metaphor is something carried ----------------------------------------------------------------- between two places or across an expanse. ----------------------------------------------------------------- These statements are allegorical; they speak ----------------------------------------------------------------- openly about something that’s not named. ----------To be fair, though— ------------------------—acts of beauty or grace do not demand (someone else’s) suffering. ------------------------—no one walks in someone else’s shoes. ------------------------—find your footing | tread lightly | take the next step | leap from there. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The word “learn” comes from a word for the ----------------------------------------------------------------- sole of the foot, so that learning is a form of ----------------------------------------------------------------- migration.
glossary: A gloss is a map to be followed to the edge of the page. -----------------------------------------------------------A timeline is another map, but there’s no there there. -------------------------------------------------------------------------It’s a trick of substitution, then for there. ----------A gloss is shiny; it’s legendary and limited. -------- -To gloss is to interpret and to cover up.






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