Letter of Recommendation

by Elaine Equi

Please say something really good,
no, great about yourself. I would
but I am watching a porno movie
and have no time to write.
The woman astride the man is a ghost
and the fact that she’s dead
makes it seem more artistic.
I’m afraid I’ll be busy for months.
You know I love your work,
think highly of you —
but then these ghosts arrive
and somehow a person can’t say no.
They are so demanding.
To get away even for coffee
seems a lot. It’s difficult
to know where it will end,
especially when he doesn’t suspect
the ghost is really a brunette actress
in a blonde wig. She says
part of him wants to be fooled.
Meanwhile, remember how brave
and talented you are.
I would add beautiful too
but that might sound strange.
So just write anything,
something glowing —
and sign my name.

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