There Are Spaces

by Lindiwe Mabuza

There are spaces
In our closeness
You and I create
There are spaces
Awaiting their own
In the moment of
Highest awakening

I dare not again doubt
The preciousness of your gift
Offered each time each time
The soul of your music
Draws mine
Nearer and nearer
To take
To wed
The baton of your heart

In the pulse of our
The musings of the past
Insinuate their
Bitter life
With their sweet hollow promises

But since you promise no paradise
Except the one we
Build together
Every day passing is a new marvel
Anchoring desire
With the tenacity of
Willow roots
Unbreakable even
Nearest the fluidity of
Their water home

Because of this
I have neither
Sulked nor wept
As each must often walk away
For though I’ve hated each parting
And the miles between us
I have also savored
Every treasure stored
From which I quietly
Draw some
Holds nurturing
And some maturing
Until the next

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