A Love Song

By the way, aye-diddly-day, a diddly day a doe
By the side, we trade away, a diddly day a doe

By the cray, a diddly day, a fiddly cray cray so
We fish and trade, a piddley play, a fiddly fay cray crow

By the day, the rhubarbs say, a diddly day pay poe
By the quay, the crayfish say, a riddle me ray ray roe

We fish and sing, we hum and see all through our own glass eyes
We take our fish and humble tunes all kiddle a kay kay coo

We find a girl with flaming eyes, aye-diddly-day a doe
We sell our souls at half past noon a middling may fay foe

By the way, the mermaid shays, all brittle and bray bray boo
By all the fishermen weighted and gray, she riddles and brays ah-choo

We gave it away, all down by the bay, the princess a-pray to-do
We banked on the ray of the moon’s ballet, and prettily lay froo-froo.

So down by the way we weighed all our prey and fiddled and frayed a poo
And riddled the bit and tribbled the ship as she piddled the cray cray loo.

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