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  • The Messenger
    by Anne Pierson Wiese: In the painting I have imagined, a figure / dressed in dusky layers of traveling clothes
  • Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess, Returns
    by Jeanine Hall Gailey: I went underground to escape / (my brother, the storm)
  • the year’s tree
    by Aonghas MacNeacail: after her labors  / see the year’s high tree / cast off her clothing 
  • Anchor
    by Naana Banyiwa Horne: If I am the tree trunk / You are the root that anchors / me firmly in the earth
  • Pete Tells Me Things
    by Melissa Turkey: The tomato tree in his front yard for example / and the pond we’ll dig at the top of the hill / despite the lack of water
  • Untitled
    by Sudie Nostrand: Put this body on / and visit this earth
  • The Fallacy of Snow
    by Pan Xichen: For a long time people have ignored / the many fallacies of snow.
  • In the Pictures
    by Michael Keenan: of the funeral home I used / to live / above there / are crows spilling bleach
  • My Versions: Medieval Acrostic
    by Jacqueline Osherow: Jealousy? Homage? Longing? Superstition? / All I know is: I want to join those guys,
  • The River
    by John Glenday: This is the formula for the fall of things: / we come to a river we always knew we’d have to cross.
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