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  • Moan of the Mirror (Ahe Ayeneh)
    by H.E. Sayeh: Digging in the pit, / her family knew it was her / by her long hair.
  • The Lights Are Coming On in a Small Industrial City
    by James Grinwis: The moon drops into a slashed and decaying porcupine.
  • A Painting of Grey Seas
    by Fred Ostrander: The children stand in the door. Their shadows reach inward / Across the floor.
  • How It Is New
    by Afaa M. Weaver: At night the garden sleeps and changes itself, / adds new lines to a path, uncovers a small stone well,
  • The Snow Outside
    by Morton Marcus: The snow lies down / in the dark woods.
  • Advice
    by Matthew Spireng: The last time the plane I was on / flew into the side of a mountain
  • Questions and Answers
    by Cirilo F. Bautista: Don’t you know that a mountain is nothing but smoke?
  • Frontier
    by Emily Lupita Plum: I used to have dreams / of the route you’d take / to leave.
  • You Are Walking Circles in the Desert
    by Brady Rhoades: What a shame, you said, holding a match to the bed, / which dissolved like a woman in heat,
  • Dogwood
    by Christopher Cunningham: The dogwood whispers / into bloom, white cross blossoms
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