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  • My Gold-Toothed One
    by Orhan Veli: Come, my darling, come with me: / Let me buy you silk stockings,
  • Psalm of Filling the Rental Car
    by Bob Hicok: For the director of music. To the tune / of static.
  • Morning
    by Saadi Youssef: The girl who works in the warehouse / leaves her second-floor room.
  • Snow May Fall
    by Saadi Youssef: The room / is fortified with wood blinds and glass,
    by Daniel Simko: It is so. It touches the clothes / with the rustle of leaves under a naked back,
    by Daniel Simko: Go on and on. / It is a fact that now you understand the music.
  • [He told stories the way you peel a fruit]
    by Venus Khoury-Ghata: He told stories the way you peel a fruit
  • The Hypocrisy of Snow
    by Pan Xichen: Snow is hypocritical. It’s not even / an independent material.
  • There Are Spaces
    by Lindiwe Mabuza: There are spaces / In our closeness / You and I create
  • Welcome to My Foolish Dreamland
    by Yuri Andrukhovych: Taras is right when he says: / Alarm clocks should not drag us up in the mornings.
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