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  • The Wedding
    by Nin Andrews: Whoever told you the dead aren’t good lovers / never met my husband.
  • Leaving the Ceremony
    by James Doyle: I walked farther down the streets / than I meant to go.
  • An Ordinary Life
    by Holy Welker: It makes you so mad that your whole / life you’ve had barely enough privileges that you can’t / justify your rage in anything,
  • A Prisoner
    by Alicia Ostriker: The chickadee inside my / chest, next to my heart / imprisoned, but singing
  • Gifts
    by Ỳ Nhi: One day / he brought her a small paper bag
    by Paul Celan: Put the words in the dead man’s grave, / the words he spoke in order to live.
  • My Gold-Toothed One
    by Orhan Veli: Come, my darling, come with me: / Let me buy you silk stockings,
  • Psalm of Filling the Rental Car
    by Bob Hicok: For the director of music. To the tune / of static.
  • Morning
    by Saadi Youssef: The girl who works in the warehouse / leaves her second-floor room.
  • Snow May Fall
    by Saadi Youssef: The room / is fortified with wood blinds and glass,
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