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  • Sequence
    by Len Roberts: My son out in the dark / picking the last / tomatoes and peppers
  • The Final Cause is not Power but Consciousness, Says Anaxagoras
    by Frank Stewart: This year there is not enough rain, the smallest pond / is deepest and holds its burden well.
  • The Unexpressed
    by Wanda Coleman: One looks and looks from behind the door / the dark child frightened by daylight.
  • The War Works Hard
    by Dunya Mikhail: How magnificent the war is / How eager / and efficient!
  • Cry No Longer
    by Giuseppe Ungaretti: Cease to murder the dead, / Cry no longer, do not cry out
  • Spiritual Distress
    by Hédi Kaddour: Damn the almanac-makers who leave you / stuck between debts and death
  • No Rhymes
    by Hédi Kaddour: No ocean, no rhymes, the prudent / mountain, long walks and sometimes / when we thought too highly of ourselves / a huge bovine herd, just before the slap
  • Never Mind
    by James Harms: You were my first in all ways. / You covered your mouth when you laughed.
  • 554
    by Mariana Tsvetayeva: Longing for the motherland! / A mystery I demystified long ago!
  • Earth
    by Katie Ford
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