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  • The Swan in the Deck of Fortunes
    by Holly Prado: death: one clear tone through wood. / here’s the apple tree my family left,
  • One Ritual I’ve been Asked to Do
    by Holly Prado: this bird: its thread of green spins / healthily right through the tree’s / large taking-in of sun.
  • Yard Work
    by Sarah Maclay: I’ll clear the old, putrid fruit, / the carcasses of bees where oranges have fallen
  • Run
    by Jeff Halbert: Before the first scratch of light, / I lace my shoes & stretch
  • Name That Tune
    by Terese Svoboda: Twice, like plants left in her care, / they die. Now what she’s holding is / as large as both husbands’,
  • Fruits of the World
    by Gary Soto: Just before lunch, and just because, / My mother brought a belt across my legs.
  • The First French Kiss
    by W.D. Ehrhart: I’ve forgotten the pain / of being fifteen and alone
  • Lost Love
    by Gregory Djanikian: Someone is walking up and down the street / crying “My lost love, my lost love!” / without shame or consolation.
  • Casino Night
    by Susan Wheeler: All the matches are printed “Hook’s Casino.”
  • The Woodchuck
    by Susan Wheeler: The walls of the cabin were damp with rain. / The honeworts at the door were sotted with scent.
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