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  • Fruits of the World
    by Gary Soto: Just before lunch, and just because, / My mother brought a belt across my legs.
  • The First French Kiss
    by W.D. Ehrhart: I’ve forgotten the pain / of being fifteen and alone
  • Lost Love
    by Gregory Djanikian: Someone is walking up and down the street / crying “My lost love, my lost love!” / without shame or consolation.
  • Casino Night
    by Susan Wheeler: All the matches are printed “Hook’s Casino.”
  • The Woodchuck
    by Susan Wheeler: The walls of the cabin were damp with rain. / The honeworts at the door were sotted with scent.
  • Fine
    by Kim Addonizio: You’re lucky. It’s always them and not you.
  • Getting Older
    by Kim Addonizio: Sometimes what you remember is their voices again, / coming on inside you like strung lights in your blood,
  • Verona
    by Carl Dennis: A city not on the list that Burton and I drew up
  • In Possibility
    by Peter Cooley: Even as a little one I know this darkness, / nameless. What I did not know: / it can be taught to speak.
  • Immorality of Beauty
    by Bruce Weigl: The river where Faith drowned. / The marks her desperate fingers / gouged into the muddy bank.
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