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  • monarchs are the communication medium for when i die
    “a tiny sun in my belly quieted by sweet tea & new tales” | by Phil SaintDenisSanchez, 2020 C.P. Cavafy Finalist
  • Pluto Retires(And During The Exit Interview Sits Near a Wide Window While Watching a Violence of Florida Rainbow Wreckage Unleash Its Storm Over an Empty Magic Kingdom)
    “Time to hand in your costume child./ – So much has happened here.” | by Michael Martin, 2020 C.P. Cavafy Finalist
  • Wheel
    “How I loved saying I was deeply skeptical of the adverb, very/ but then I got run over by a truck” | by Michael Martin, 2020 C.P Cavafy Finalist
  • We Were the Kind
    “to tell it true we’d say/ we don’t know what it is/ we’re nowhere near the end of.” | by Michael Martin, 2020 C.P. Cavafy Finalist
  • Dent on an Old Hum
    “I set the ghosts free./ I found a new way to wear my hat.” | by Michael Martin, 2020 C.P. Cavafy Finalist
  • Any Minor Art World
    “He’s far too young to be alone in this life/ and even a tiny frayed lawn chair can feel/ as heavy as a stranger.” | by Michael Martin, 2020 C.P. Cavafy Finalist
  • Mother Tongue
    “Walking to the shuq to buy tapoocheem, chalav, and lechem from a merchant who didn’t care—” | by Mari Pack, 2020 C.P. Cavafy Finalist
  • Mammals, Mammals
    “After learning the word mammal in first grade,/ I threw it at whatever moved.” | by Lance Larsen, 2020 C.P. Cavafy Finalist
  • Like A Thief in the Night
    “My twitchy legs brood at never taking this wreck/ of bone spurs for a hike around the lake./ Meanwhile, my spirit says, don’t sweat it” | by Lance Larsen, 2020 C.P. Cavafy Finalist
  • If It Wasn’t My Daughter
    “If it wasn’t/ my daughter, I wouldn’t have prayed like a man/ in a burning forest” | by Lance Larsen, 2020 C.P. Cavafy Finalist
  • An Amateur’s Guide to Summer
    “crash kiss, pesto and blue corn chips kiss/ that was the summer you tracked them all” | by Lance Larsen, 2020 C.P. Cavafy Finalist
  • Aubade Desiring to Be an Ars Poetica, With a Release Date Inside It
    “I don’t/ know what I think this poem can do/ for my soundless brother.” | by Michael Torres
  • Nasturtiums
    “feel the pod-throb/like your own pulse  and the vine bluing in your wrist” | by Jenni Grassl
  • Dear Survivor
    “just a dayflower/dwarf in the blur-vast view/by won-heart ingress of loose strife” | by Jenni Grassl
  • Not Fireflies—
    “green stars, or the faulty strike of a match;/ not as you once imagined” | by Daniel Lawless
  • My Brother, Solar Eclipse, 1965
    “But for now, your half-smile says, relief — to be eleven” | by Daniel Lawless
  • Funeral Services
    “he’d be so perfect / if you could only convince yourself that/ he’s just a terrorist, not a human being”
  • [Now we remember: janitors and the night-sellers of bread]
    “we got to soak in the rain/ on cars/ loaded with the unemployed/ like magazines with cartridges”
  • [someone stands between you and death-but]
    “my heart whispers: Death, he hasn’t ripened yet/ he’s still green, nothing in his life has been/ sweeter than unwashed strawberries”
  • [we swallowed an air like earth]
    “some of us exhaled cherry pits/ some bullets”
  • [people carry explosives around the city]
    “people carry explosives around the city/ in plastic shopping bags and little suitcases”
  • [Buried in a human neck, a bullet looks like an eye, sewn in]
    “But the children feel as strong as their machinery,/ mass-produced, with plenty of seamstresses for repairing:”
  • [The whole soldier doesn’t suffer-]
    “just dreadful losses,/ just the day with a dented helmet,/ just God, who doesn’t protect.”
  • [This is a post on Facebook, and this, a block post in the East]
    “I’ll make you a gift: a camouflage case for your tablet;/ time is earwax, peddled in alleyways, under the table.”
  • [When you clean your weapon]
    “When you dig trench after trench/ When you dig this precious this hateful earth by handfuls/ Every other handful reaches your soul”
  • Died of Old Age
    “Olha was pregnant/ Serhiy was drunk/ and Sonya was only three/ they all perished, too/ and people said, they died of old age” | by Lyuba Yakimchuk
  • Kings
    “Those were days when I walked around a little hungry” | by Adam Zagajewski
  • A Stranger Lives My Life And Wears My Body
    “a speck of hell, the Universe’s scream— laconic and intense, devoid of exits…| by Vasyl Stus
  • Things That Were Hidden
    “of things never told before / of Chaos and Time and the Night.” | Neil Philip
  • The Cycle of “Bomb”
    “the war will be over in six days at most. /No reason the world should take longer /to destroy than to create” | by Neil Philip, Kijima Hajime, and Margaret Mitsutani
  • Idbury Morris
    “Each footstep in the claggy soil pulls the / booted foot half out of his hip socket.” | by Neil Philip
  • In Loki’s Cave
    “How can I withstand / the convulsions of my memory?”
  • Cheatsheet
    “In my all-boys school they’re all dumber than me./ I sit in the back and read André Gide” | by Armen Davoudian, co-winner 2021 PI Prize
  • Woolf’s Hair
    “…she’s gone—/ like the hairpin Virginia Woolf stuck into her unruly bun” | by Eva Heisler, co-winner 2021 PI Prize
  • In a dream in which I am still brilliant,
    “I ask my mother if they let bears in heaven,/and she says it would depend on the bear” | by E Yeon Chang, finalist 2021 PI Prize
  • Rug Game
    you made it seem like money grew on trees./ Of course it did. You could do everything | by Armen Davoudian
  • while you’re away
    “I soak up their light and translate it into a story” | by Frances Cannon, finalist 2021 PI Prize
  • Conka
    “She would guide my little fingers but I, / I think now, could never get the hang of it. “| by John Briscoe, finalist 2021 PI Prize
  • Exchange
    I loved how the green stone shone in the light like water./ I’ll tread to the jail and offer myself | by AKaiser, finalist 2021 PI Prize
  • The Five Fingers of the Hand
    by Aloysius Bertrand: The thumb is this fat Flemish innkepper, mocking and saucy, who smokes by his door, beneath the sign of the double March beer.
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