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  • You and I and the World
    “Place the scale on the kitchen table / and let reality weigh itself. / Put your coat on. / Turn the light off in the hallway. / Close the door.” | by Werner Aspenström
  • Death Notice
    by Dairena Ní Chinnéide: An islander died today /a word in the language died
  • Camel
    by Marvin Bell: I am more than a camel. I am a mountain.
  • In the Brief Time We Have Left
    by Chard deNiord: Let the ant live that’s crossing the table.
  • [a woman loves to see her man with his]
    by M.A. Vizsolyi: a woman loves to see her man with his / dick out walk into the room & relax
  • The Chase
    by Richard Frost: Death is a knight, a worm, an old whore, / a sallow gentleman, a clown, a doctor,
  • The Bear
    by William Heyen: Was alone, was carrying her bear with her.
  • Shakespeare
    by Marin Sorescu: Shakespeare created the world in seven days.
  • A Nineteenth-Century Portrait
    When Mister Robert Scarlett, master of Cambridge and Druckett plantations, stood for his portrait, the good man made a point of having his personal slave-boy, Oliver, beside him, waist high, holding his game bag, with which he’d ride to hunt wild hog and occasional runaways. At his other side his favorite dog. How well the boy’s dark visage serves design, matching the dark of ...
  • The Mosquito
    Maybe it is excessive to memorialize the mosquito. But even the mosquito holds, by the sip of my blood, a stake in the history of anxiety. Translated from the German by Monika Zobel
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