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  • Larksong
    by Douglas Dunn: A laverock in its house of air is singing / May morning, May morning, and its trills drift
  • Winter
    by John Burnside: Imagine I loved you still and nights like these / were visitations,
  • The Dog
    by Vasyl Makhno: this wind that comes to me as a dog / with three blue eyes
  • We Have No Sleep 
    “We think of tomorrow, / as we feed the swans  / with yesterday’s bread.” | by Nikola Madzirov
  • Copying the Master
    by Eric McHenry: Your book falls open to reveal / the poems I wish were mine
  • A Room of My Own
    by Naghmeh Zarbafian: A finger is in between the blinds, / reaching out for the feathery tone of snow 
  • Night and Morning of Spring
    “Green frog legs, green sockets of the moon / and a green bullet shell / all bloom / on my back” | by Hai Zi
  • If I started selling candles…
    by Abraham Ibn Ezra: If I started selling candles, / the sun would never go down.
  • Honeymoon Suite
    by Camelia Leonte: The fiddlers, the wedding guests / have put on black clothes and are looking for you.
  • plans
    “Sometimes if you look / hard enough at something it will bloom in your eyes & / make countries for refugees…” | by K. Eltinaé
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