Language: English


by Adrienne Rich: Dark blue shot with death rays but only a short distance


by Adrienne Rich: In the old city incendiaries abound / who hate this place stuck to their footsoles


by Jane Blue: He was picking up pine cones for a cockatiel. / She was a ghostly film unwinding.

Vernal House

by Maurya Simon: Tiny minarets of dew balance on blade-tips.


by Maurya Simon: Slowly, like a hot tear tracing the skin’s folds, / God drew His finger along my parted lips,


by Stanley Moss: Until the rain takes over my life I’ll never change, / although I know by heart the Lord’s Prayer and the prayer Christ prayed

Yard Work

by Sarah Maclay: I’ll clear the old, putrid fruit, / the carcasses of bees where oranges have fallen


by Jeff Halbert: Before the first scratch of light, / I lace my shoes & stretch