Maintenant #87: Eugene Ostashevsky

I grew up in a poetry culture that was all about classical prosody. I mean, I grew up on it in the States. On Joseph Brodsky island. We had a Pushkin tree, a Mandelstam tree, and a Tsvetaeva bush. To jump from that into American poetry, no meter, no rhyme, just print, print, silence—that’s the real culture shock.

Interview and Poems of Tswagare Namane

Tswagare Namane Interview by Carolina Mbali Cohen “Freedom means your re-organization and re-growth into the full divine being you deserve to be. The regrowth must be in all dimensions – mentally, spiritually, physically, etc, etc. True revolution begins with the individual re-assuming the reigns over their destiny. A truth that is external to the individual …

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Interview with Cynthia Hogue

Cynthia Hogue and Sylvain Galais’s translation of Fortino Samano (Omnidawn Publishing), a collaboration between French poet Virginie Lalucq and philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy, won the 2013 Academy of American Poets Landon Translation Prize. Hogue is the Maxine and Jonathan Marshall Chair in Modern in Contemporary Poetry at Arizona State University. Her eighth collection of poetry, Revenance, …

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20 Questions with Don Share

Mariela Griffor interviews Don Share, editor at Poetry, on his writing habits and techniques. Let’s call it a game of 20 questions. 1. Where do you do your writing? Please describe the room where you write and why at room in particular. I write on the Green Line trains of the Chicago CTA, the “L,” …

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Mariela Griffor

Interview with Mariela Griffor

By Karla Cordero Mariela Griffor is the author of two collections of poetry called Exiliana and House. Born in Chile and unwillingly exiled in 1985, Griffor now lives in Michigan with her husband. Griffor is the co-founder of The Institute for Creative Writers at Wayne State and Publisher of Marick Press. Who are the most …

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Interview with Judy Halebsky on Japanese Poetry and Translation

Judy Halebsky’s book of poems, Sky=Empty (New Issues, 2010) was chosen by Marvin Bell as the winner of the New Issues Prize, a first book award, and was also a finalist for the California Book Award. With a collective of Tokyo poets, she edits and translates the bilingual poetry journal Eki Mae. She lives at Ocean Beach in the outer edges of San Francisco and teaches at Dominican University of California.

G.A. Chaves Interview and Translations

G.A. Chaves (Costa Rica, 1979) is the author of Cuentos etcétera (stories, 2004), and Vida ajena (poems, 2010). He has translated an anthology of poems by Robinson Jeffers and Dancing in Odessa by Ilya Kaminsky. He has also edited the selected poetry of Costa Rica’s Carlos de la Ossa.  Poetry International’s Managing Editor Jennifer Minniti-Shippey …

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Interview with Gjoko Zdraveski

An interview with Gjoko Zdraveski by Luke Arundel Crane and Scott Stewart The Balkan peninsula in Southeast Europe is one of the most linguistically exciting places in the whole of the Western hemisphere; all languages are all mixed together in this exciting and diverse region. The poetry scene is also healthy and vibrant with a number …

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Interview with Eli Eliahu

Eli Eliahu, born in 1969, is an Israeli poet based out of Ramat Gan. He has published two highly praised books in Hebrew, I, and not an Angel (2008) and City and Fears (2011). Aside from writing poetry, he writes for Haaretz Daily Newspaper on poetry and culture. Most of his work has not been …

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