Author: Poetry Intl

  • Marlon R.S.

    Co-winner of the 2019 #DignityNotDetention Detainee Prize judged by Ilya Kaminsky   My Nation My nation has no color, my nation has no border My nation has people with a deportation order…

  • Kim Addonizio

    Poetry International
    “Getting Older”

    Poetry International 3

    Poetry International Weblog

  • Frances Payne Adler

    Poetry International
    “Sam, Returns”

  • Daniel B.

    Co-winner of the 2019 #DignityNotDetention Detainee Prize judged by Ilya Kaminsky   Untitled (Am I an Immigrant) Am I an immigrant or someone seeking justice Am I an immigrant or…

  • Lisa Bernstein (Lisa B)

    Poetry International 1
    “Trane’s Ride”

  • Jacque Vaught Brogan

    Poetry International 1
    “It’s Like This—”

  • e. e. cattings

    Poetry International 22/23
    “somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond my front door”

  • Peter Cooley

    Poetry International 1
    “For Hamlet”
    “In Possibility”

  • Mary Crow

    Trances I. Automatic pilot: I come to and wonder how I got to Elizabeth Street, half way home. I shrink my focus till my attention is on the gear shift…

  • William Dickey

    T.S. Eliot at One Hundred and Seven This is the voice of the sandstorm, the voice of the unplayed hearts. These are the endless children rolled over and over at…

  • Gregory Djanikian

    Poetry International 1
    “Lac de Nom Perdu”
    “Lost Love”

  • Stuart Dybek

    Poetry International 1
    “Windy City”

  • W.D. Ehrhart

    Poetry International 1
    “Not For You”
    “The First French Kiss”

  • K. Eltinaé

    Co-winner of the 2019 #DignityNotDetention Outside Prize judged by Ilya Kaminsky   plans Every time I say ‘yes’ I return feel fingers in a battlefield divvying land on my arms and…

  • Elaine Equi

    Letter of Recommendation Please say something really good, no, great about yourself. I would but I am watching a porno movie and have no time to write. The woman astride…

  • Charles Fishman

    Mengele He had the charm of a Chinese emperor and loved to mingle with his victims and stood, invincible but somewhat mincingly, ready to divide them, mongrel from mongrel, his…

  • James Harms

    Poetry International 1
    “Never Mind”

  • Jane Hirshfield

    Poetry International

    Poetry International 18/19
    “Spell to Be Said Upon Departure”

  • Venus Khoury-Ghata

    Poetry International 22/23
    “[Once she had a book]”

    Poetry International 6
    “[He told stories the way you peel a fruit]”

  • Li-Young Lee

    Poetry International 12
    “Standard Checklist for Amateur Mystics”

    Poetry International Weblog
    “Standard Checklist for Amateur Mystics”

  • Timothy Liu

    Poetry International 1
    “Billions Served”

  • E. Ethelbert Miller

    Poetry International 1
    “Oh Nigeria!”

  • Robin Morgan

    Poetry International 1
    “The Spirit Cellar”

  • Stanley Moss

    Poetry International 1
    “The Miscarriage”

  • Dayna Patterson

    Co-winner of the 2019 #DignityNotDetention Outside Prize judged by Ilya Kaminsky   What Welcome Feels Like I would wash you with the softest words I know. Maybe whalebelly or azucena….

  • Marge Piercy

    One Reason I Like Opera In movies, you can tell the heroine because she is blonder and thinner than her sidekick. The villainess is darkest. If a woman is fat,…

  • Holly Prado

    Poetry International 1
    “The Tall, Upheaving One”
    “One Ritual I’ve been Asked to Do”
    “The Swan in the Deck of Fortunes”

  • Tom Sexton

    Poetry International 1
    “Poem Begun on Mother’s Day”

  • Charles Simic

    Poetry International One
    “Prison Guards Silhouetted Against the Sky”
    “On the Meadow”
    “Zaza at Midnight”

    Poetry International Weblog
    “Prison Guards Silhouetted Against the Sky”

  • Maurya Simon

    The Fallen Angel One more tithe to the altar of seductions: a rose tattoo on her rotund rump, and for that she’s lifted her dress, tucks a round of bills…

  • Gary Soto

    Poetry International 1
    Poetry International 13/14
    “Fruits of the World”

  • Frank Stewart

    Poetry International 1
    “And a Winter Evening Azrael’s Shadow Darkens the Garden”
    “The Final Cause is not Power but Consciousness,
    Says Anaxagoras”

  • Dag T. Straumsvåg

    Poetry International 11
    “The Codfish”

    Poetry International Weblog
    “The Codfish”

  • Susan Wheeler

    Poetry International 1
    “Knot Me”
    “The Woodchuck”
    “Casino Night”

  • Gary Young

    Three Poems I. In New Jersey, a couple pulled a man from his car, shot him, and locked him in a box to die. They’d had a plan, but their…