Melanie Manuel

“Here’s my Sukun”

On stillness as punctuation, the pause before moving forward, a parent’s death, aftershocks, and what’s next | Blas Falconer talks to Kazim Ali

Calling Home

Eggtooth by Jesse Nathan | reviewed by Joseph Kidney

On Overwhelm: What Am I to Do but Know These Things?

“I’m overwhelmed. It is hard to have compassion for myself. Unless I learn how to sit and wait, I make myself sick with remorse and self-blame and unworthiness. I cast arrows into myself as a way of doing something. The poetry, this poem, reminds me to be kind to me.” | by David Keplinger

Mythmaking in the Modern World

“I want the poems to transcend what has already been written, transcend the reader’s limited knowledge, to a universal recognition: to feel the thumping heart of the goddesses, the blood thickening in their veins, the indecision of a hovering foot.” | by Vandana Khanna

To Be A Goddess

Woman Without Shame by Sandra Cisneros | reviewed by Alejandra Hernandez