Hailey Gross

Poetry as Global Process

Selfie: Poetry, Social Change & Ecological Connection by James Sherry | Reviewed by Abigail Ardelle Zammit

Katie Ford On “Tell Us” 

“For what in life can we prepare, for what can we ready ourselves, and against what weathers…” | by Katie Ford, Poetry International 27/28

Dunya Mikhail on “The War Works Hard”

“In mind was the war I lived since my teenage time in Baghdad. However, it’s not about a specific war but about war itself. Every time, the war came with a different name…” | by Dunya Mikhail, Poetry International 27/28


“Everything ends, except this love:/Our bunches hanging in the rainy breeze” | by Juan Carlos Goleano


“The poor live on low ground waiting for the river/ to rise one night and sweep them out to sea.” | by Pablo Neruda

Of Things Never Told Before

On myths and muses, radical artifice, genre switching, and the love of children’s poetry | Joseph Thomas talks to Neil Philip

Other People’s Voices

How sound can bridge the past and present and what books of poetry have in common with websites | Zach Bernstein and Paisley Rekdal talk about her digital project West: A Translation

The Mountain

” I have washed the pebbles/ and the wind that clings to the trees” | by Hashim Shafiq

Fatal Flaw

“Most/ people never bend/
in the fatal instant,” | by Kay Ryan

Sexual Monotony

“those puckered flowers—/the first signal the nervous system/is turning to quicksand. | by Amy Gerstler

Cartoon Trick

“Today has been hell, he says, which means today has been/heaven.” | by Dag T. Straumvåg

Poetry Unbound

On the other 99% of poetry, how it actually exists in the world | Jessica Pressman talks to poet and scholar
Mike Chasar

Unearthed Gems

Carbon: Song of Crafts by Svetlana Lavochkina | Reviewed by Marina Brown