A to Z: R

  • Remi Raji
    Date of Birth: 1961

    Poetry International 7/8
    “Forty Full Seasons Gone Like Yesterday”

  • John Randolph Carter

    Her Lap  I’m complaining again about the time my mother went to France and left me alone with the stewardess. I was only ten but she made me feel like…

  • Roberto Fernández Retamar

    Poetry International 6
    “A Man and A Woman”
    “Blessèd Are the Normal”

    Poetry International Weblog
    “A Man and A Woman”
    “Blessèd Are the Normal”

  • Brady Rhoades

    Poetry International 12
    “You Are Walking Circles in the Desert”

  • Adrienne Rich
    Date of Birth: May 16, 1929

    Adrienne Rich was featured in Volume V on Poetry International.

  • Susan Rich

    Poetry International 11
    “The Women Of Kismayo”

    Poetry International Weblog
    “The Women Of Kismayo”

  • Yannis Ritsos

    Poetry International 18/19
    “A Small Poem”

  • Len Roberts
    Date of Birth: March 13, 1947

    Len Roberts was featured in Volume V of Poetry International.

  • Dana Roeser

    Ars  Domestica The key to this life is surprise. Don’t say my whole life is spent trying to reunite socks. Say instead, surprise! Here is Eleanor’s white cotton undershirt. Surprise!…

  • Geri Rosenzweig

    Poetry International 6
    “The Near Side of Language”