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INTERVIEWS: Dora Malech, Alison Adelle Hedge Coke

POETRY: selections from poet-artist Hamid Tibouchi’s Nervures

BOOKS: Peter Everwine’s final collection, reviewed by Alexander Long

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by Hamid Tibouchi, Elément de la série “Traité de navigation” N° 3



  • Veins (extracts) // Nervures (extraits)Veins (extracts) // Nervures (extraits)
    “a little like how a sentry in the night / paces to keep himself awake” | Selections from poet-artist Hamid Tibouchi’s Nervures in English and French.



  • Poetry and PlasticsPoetry and Plastics
    “But how can poetry tackle such an urgent and growing global problem?” | Claire Cox reports on her time with The Clean Seas Odyssey
  • The Perpetual IdealThe Perpetual Ideal
    Memories of a master class with Derek Walcott. “I wonder, though, if we ever astonished Derek, even just a little.” | by Patrick James Errington
  • An Image Writes the PoemAn Image Writes the Poem
    “I see the photo of a hole in the bombed ceiling of the Ghazanchetsots Cathedral in Shushi” | Poet Alan Semerdjian on “The Hole in the Church of My Heart”



  • A Head Full of MusicA Head Full of Music
    On songs, the state, sandhill cranes, and editing in her head | Allison Hedge Coke talks to Tami Haaland
  • Syntax Grammar and PowerSyntax Grammar and Power
    “I wanted to create a very different relationship with grammar.” | Dora Malech and Kristina Marie Darling talk about Malech’s new book.
  • Poets on the Border: A ForumPoets on the Border: A Forum
    Carolyn Forché, Kaveh Akbar, Kwame Dawes, Alfonso García Cortéz, Monica Ávila, Joan Kane, and Piotr Florczyk and others poets in conversation with Ilya Kaminsky



  • The Simple Vocabulary of GriefThe Simple Vocabulary of Grief
    The Child Who by Jeanne Benameur, translated by Bill Johnston | Reviewed by Jaclyn Youhana Garver
  • Removal EraRemoval Era
    Threed, This Road Not Damascus by Tamara J. Madison | Reviewed by Arthur Kayzakian
  • Identity Is Not DestinationIdentity Is Not Destination
    New-Generation African Poets: A Chapbook Box Set (Saba), edited by Kwame Dawes and Chris Abani | Reviewed by Brent Ameneyro
  • ‘Forgive us, history’'Forgive us, history'
    Index of Haunted Houses by Adam O. Davis | Alonso Llerena looks inside this debut collection
  • Pandemic PoetryPandemic Poetry
    Four Quartets: Poetry in the Pandemic, edited by Kristina Marie Darling & Jeffrey Levine | Reviewed by Alexa T. Dodd
  • After the Wreckage of WordsAfter the Wreckage of Words
    Pulling the Invisible but Heavy Cart: Last Poems by Peter Everwine | Reviewed by Alexander Long



  • No Artist Paints Only One PortraitNo Artist Paints Only One Portrait
    “What I mean is every shower / on this street has someone / singing or crying in it.” | by Brad Aaron Modlin
  • The FuturesThe Futures
    “or three days from now you’ll get up // and cough and spit and push / the lever that sets birds loose from sleep” | by Chad Sweeney
  • Villanelles: ‘Putting a Question to Spring’Villanelles: 'Putting a Question to Spring'
    “We only have copies, but they, too, stun / with the ever-out-of-reach, the waylaid poem” | by Jacqueline Osherow


From the Archives

  • plans
    “Sometimes if you look / hard enough at something it will bloom in your eyes & / make countries for refugees…” | by K. Eltinaé
  • The Pilgrim 
    “As I say these words I see a bicycle leaning against a wall, / I see a bridge / And the official car disappearing between buildings” | by Nicanor Parra


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