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Announcing the publication of our 25th Anniversary Issue!  Browse a complete table of contents here.  Available for purchase in print and pdf here.

FEATURED: Broadsides featuring poems from Pablo Neruda, Kay Ryan, Hashim Shafiq, and others from our new issue. 

REVIEWS: Marina Brown reviews Iryna Starovoyt’s A Field of Foundlings, translated by Grace Mahoney.

POETRY: New poems from Sarah Maclay and Jacqueline Osherow.

… and don’t forget to submit to the 2022 C.P. Cavafy Prizenow open!


from our 25th Anniversary Issue 

  • FloodsFloods
    “The poor live on low ground waiting for the river/ to rise one night and sweep them out to sea.” | by Pablo Neruda
  • The MountainThe Mountain
    ” I have washed the pebbles/ and the wind that clings to the trees” | by Hashim Shafiq
  • Fatal FlawFatal Flaw
    “Most/ people never bend/ in the fatal instant,” | by Kay Ryan



  • Ukrainian Feature: Words for WarUkrainian Feature: Words for War
    “For many of the poets, the war is not some distant event one hears about in the papers. It is part of their personal history”| poems from Ukraine, edited by Oksana Maksymchuk and Max Rosochinsky
  • In Praise of Adam Zagajewski (1945-2021)In Praise of Adam Zagajewski (1945-2021)
    “For years now, as my plane begins its descent toward the airport outside of Kraków, the city where I was born and raised but left years ago, I recite them quietly” | by Piotr Florczyk
  • Yulya Tsimafeyeva’s Poetry of One-Legged WonderYulya Tsimafeyeva’s Poetry of One-Legged Wonder
    “Between these poets of cultural affirmation and the poets of silence… comes a voice of a woman—and a woman in a patriarchal world is always somewhat of an immigrant” | by Valzhyna Mort



  • Of Things Never Told BeforeOf Things Never Told Before
    On myths and muses, radical artifice, genre switching, and the love of children’s poetry | Joseph Thomas talks to Neil Philip
  • Other People’s VoicesOther People's Voices
    How sound can bridge the past and present and what books of poetry have in common with websites | Zach Bernstein and Paisley Rekdal talk about her digital project West: A Translation
  • Poetry UnboundPoetry Unbound
    On the other 99% of poetry, how it actually exists in the world | Jessica Pressman talks to poet and scholar Mike Chasar
  • Celebrating the Natural WorldCelebrating the Natural World
    The human, the nonhuman, a love of revising, and the sorrow necessary in celebrating the natural world | Tami Haaland talks to Aimee Nezhukumatathil





  • The Hidden SpringsThe Hidden Springs
    “I have a feeling for a moment that the elk is God—/ a god that we can watch.” | by Sarah Maclay
  • Art Deco SonnetArt Deco Sonnet
    “O sleekness, O pizzazz, O mirrors, O chrome,/O remnant inklings of a light-struck world” | by Jacqueline Osherow
  • Ghazal SeasonGhazal Season
    “Once, I wrote a ghazal trimmed in gold,/ to mirror the implausible” | by Jacqueline Osherow
  • CochleaCochlea
    “The murkiness, the smog, the thickened haze/ in me are hard to love.” | by Jehanne Dubrow, 2021 C.P. Cavafy Finalist
  • The Usual Suspects or a Chronological List of the Ways Men Have Referred to my Breasts:The Usual Suspects or a Chronological List of the Ways Men Have Referred to my Breasts:
    “They’re my favorite part of you, Mama,/ my son says, pressing into them hard” | by Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach, 2021 C.P. Cavafy Finalist
  • ExitExit
    “On every door in this village/ there are last notes left by families/ crossing the sea to another land.” | by Rasaq Malik, 2021 C.P. Cavafy Finalist
  • The Starlight in SyriaThe Starlight in Syria
    “The wounded know stars are a furnace/ for mankind’s sins. The wounded curl themselves/ into a ball of starlight” | by Seif-Eldeine, 2021 C.P. Cavafy Finalist
  • I sat next to Adele on a plane and she bought me a houseI sat next to Adele on a plane and she bought me a house
    “I’d gotten a fluky upgrade, moved from 38C to 4B./ She— a stranger still, was already sitting, a silver/ studded handbag at her feet,” | by Patrick Holloway, 2021 C.P. Cavafy Finalist


From the Archives

  • Kings
    “Those were days when I walked around a little hungry” | by Adam Zagajewski
  • The War Works Hard
    “The war works hard, day and night. / It is a muse for the tyrant’s / long speeches, / it hangs medals around generals, / it blesses poets with themes, / it makes the makers busy—” | by Dunya Mikhail
  • 128
    “In this huge town of mine—night. / the sleepy home I leave—behind. / And people think: wife, daughter— / But I’m aware of just this—night.” | by Marina Tsvetaeva
  • Decked Out at Night
    “They stand apart in this world, / each one with his night, / each one with his death, / morose, bareheaded, hoarfrost-covered” | by Paul Celan
  • We Have No Sleep 
    “We think of tomorrow, / as we feed the swans  / with yesterday’s bread.” | by Nikola Madzirov
  • You and I and the World
    “Place the scale on the kitchen table / and let reality weigh itself. / Put your coat on. / Turn the light off in the hallway. / Close the door.” | by Werner Aspenström