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FEATURED: From our 25th Anniversary issue, readings by Ellen Bass and Kwame Dawes, and Chana Bloch on translation.

REVIEWS: Arthur Kayzakian on Katie Farris’s Standing in the Forest of Being Alive and more!

POETRY: New poems from Katharyn Howd Machan and Rob Carney.

FROM OUR ARCHIVES: Celia Dropkin, Liao Yiwu, Ben Riggs, and others on the tenderness of family!

…and much more! 



  • On Overwhelm: What Am I to Do but Know These Things?On Overwhelm: What Am I to Do but Know These Things?
    “I’m overwhelmed. It is hard to have compassion for myself. Unless I learn how to sit and wait, I make myself sick with remorse and self-blame and unworthiness. I cast arrows into myself as a way of doing something. The poetry, this poem, reminds me to be kind to me.” | by David Keplinger
  • Mythmaking in the Modern WorldMythmaking in the Modern World
    “I want the poems to transcend what has already been written, transcend the reader’s limited knowledge, to a universal recognition: to feel the thumping heart of the goddesses, the blood thickening in their veins, the indecision of a hovering foot.” | by Vandana Khanna
  • Ukrainian Feature: Words for WarUkrainian Feature: Words for War
    “For many of the poets, the war is not some distant event one hears about in the papers. It is part of their personal history”| poems from Ukraine, edited by Oksana Maksymchuk and Max Rosochinsky

From the Archives

  • To My Son Who Gave Me Light Blue Beads
    “But it seems to me, I can still please/A nineteen-year-old boy, like you,/Like this, the way I wear these beads” | by Celia Dropkin
  • For My Daughter
    “For you, Miao Miao, my daughter,/a sign of the cross.” | by Liao Yiwu
  • Uncle Jim
    “His feet leapt inches from God-given ground./His smile was toothy, laugh snapped toothy joy./His head—his heart—his head was tightly wound:” | by Ben Riggs
  • My Mother’s Memory
    “We live on separate planets now,/And she mulls and mulls,/Wanting to join me in my world,/Where sometimes I’m a son, sometimes not,” | by C.G. Hanzlicek
  • Mama’s Work
    “Her work/in the quiet corners of barns on the hay, on hot days/when locusts launch themselves out of thickets.” | by Santee Frazier
  • Hello Brother
    “Sometimes in these Bengali summers/When dust sticks to our skins/And the crows shit on our heads/We bond like hydrocarbons,” | by Zubair Ahmed


  • It Was the Coffee in the MorningsIt Was the Coffee in the Mornings
    “the smell somehow staying with me//well beyond his walking into the living room naked” | by Allen Shadow
  • Without HerWithout Her
    “her fine long tail waving a thin farewell/as both flew away from my life.” | by Katharyn Howd Machan
  • Back When Water Was an ElementBack When Water Was an Element
    “since we couldn’t just walk across a lake,/the bed of it cracked now, bed of it dust,//dance partner of the wind” | by Rob Carney




  • “Here’s my Sukun”"Here's my Sukun"
    On stillness as punctuation, the pause before moving forward, a parent’s death, aftershocks, and what’s next | Blas Falconer talks to Kazim Ali
  • The Poetics of Climate DystopiaThe Poetics of Climate Dystopia
    On motherhood, climate anxiety, and the (dis)comfort of writing in form | Anna Gasaway talks to Claire Wahmanholm
  • Of Things Never Told BeforeOf Things Never Told Before
    On myths and muses, radical artifice, genre switching, and the love of children’s poetry | Joseph Thomas talks to Neil Philip


from our 25th Anniversary Issue 

  • Les Negres de ParisLes Negres de Paris
    “…Every back, / it seems, is a blood neighbor” | Kwame Dawes
  • The Lesser GodsThe Lesser Gods
    “But what about all the modest / neglected deities–the overlooked” | by Ellen Bass
  • The AssignmentThe Assignment
    “the poem gripped me and would not let go until I’d turned it into English” | Chana Block on her first translation.