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Browse a complete table of contents from our 25th Anniversary Issue!

FEATURED: From our 25th Anniversary issue, readings by Ellen Bass and Kwame Dawes, and Chana Bloch on translation.

REVIEWS: Michael Collins on Nancy Naomi Carlson’s Piano in the Dark, Zea Van Der Elsken on Jay Hopler’s Still Life, and Joseph Kidney on Jesse Nathan’s Eggtooth

POETRY: New poems from the 2023 PI Prize finalists—Lance Larsen, Suzanne Cleary, and Geffrey Davis.

FROM OUR ARCHIVES: Afaa M. Weaver, Daniel Simko, Aliki Barnstone, and others on the theme of new beginnings!

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  • Crickets ChirringCrickets Chirring
    “to make the journey darker,/some watch cigarette smoke worm/its way toward the sublime.” | by Lance Larsen
    “to savor the small treat hidden…//by the distance imposed on us” | by Suzanne Cleary
  • CrowCrow
    “for how you outlived the awful wait/that fear can make of longing…//….we find bright ways to survive.” | by Geffrey Davis




  • “Here’s my Sukun”"Here's my Sukun"
    On stillness as punctuation, the pause before moving forward, a parent’s death, aftershocks, and what’s next | Blas Falconer talks to Kazim Ali
  • The Poetics of Climate DystopiaThe Poetics of Climate Dystopia
    On motherhood, climate anxiety, and the (dis)comfort of writing in form | Anna Gasaway talks to Claire Wahmanholm
  • Of Things Never Told BeforeOf Things Never Told Before
    On myths and muses, radical artifice, genre switching, and the love of children’s poetry | Joseph Thomas talks to Neil Philip

from our 25th Anniversary Issue 

  • Les Negres de ParisLes Negres de Paris
    “…Every back, / it seems, is a blood neighbor” | Kwame Dawes
  • The Lesser GodsThe Lesser Gods
    “But what about all the modest / neglected deities–the overlooked” | by Ellen Bass
  • The AssignmentThe Assignment
    “the poem gripped me and would not let go until I’d turned it into English” | Chana Block on her first translation.

From the Archives

  • How It Is New
    “when you move from your perch here, there/will be a chance. I will lean over to where you were//In the corner of the gravel road, I found another paradise.” | by Afaa M. Weaver
    “I am almost always/turning into that smoke,” | by Daniel Simko
  • Invitation To a Poet
    “Come like a ray of dark darkening the night sky,/come like a midnight sunrise,” | by Aliki Barnstone
  • [we swallowed an air like earth]
    “everything else became memory/air, fire” | by Marinna Kiyanovska
  • One Ritual I’ve been Asked to Do
    “…imagine transubstantiation:/the shoulder blade, the angel. this bird/appearing just the way gods should:” | by Holly Prado
  • Getting Older
    …And finally/you depend on that, you pray it’s enough/to last, if it has to, the rest of your life.” | by Kim Addonizio